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Physio Rehab is designed to give everyone online access to the highest quality, most effective and up-to-date clinical rehab programs, rehab and mobility exercises, injury prevention and rehabilitation education.

We aim to be the leaders in online and clinical injury rehabilitation programming, extending our practice from the clinic to the world, helping to raise the standard of Physiotherapy industry.

"Not doing your rehab and expecting to recover 100%, is like not doing exercise and expecting to keep fit"

Founder + Principal Physiotherapist

Tim is a McKenzie Credentialed Physiotherapist from New Zealand with over 20 years experience in Physiotherapy and the Fitness Industries. He is the Principal Physiotherapist and Director of Physio Fitness and founder of, a rehabilitation expert, clinical educator and convention presenter. He graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 1997 and specialises in sports, fitness and training injuries, post-operative rehab for knee, shoulder and lumbar spine surgery and corrective exercise rehabilitation programs. In 2007 he started Physio Fitness in Sydney, Australia where is lives with his wife and two young kids.

Tim is passionate about educating both clients and allied health professionals, aiming to help as many people as he can, achieve ultimate recovery from their injuries as well as ongoing injury prevention for the future. Stay tuned for the release of more online physio rehab programs as well as upcoming dates for the face-2-face professional development courses.


"The need for people to rehab their injuries is paramount. The longer someone stays weak after injury the longer it takes for that person to improve. It's essential that a rehab program is followed and is stuck to, week to week, to enable the most effective clinical outcome and results. We all know that most people struggle to do their exercises that they are prescribed to get optimal recovery. It's imperative that after injury or surgery that a rehab program is put in place, that is effective, tried and tested. It needs to be of high education quality that enables correct form, technique and clear instructions and is motivating. If a patient doesn't follow a program right through the strengthening and recovery regime can break down, and the patient fails at their rehab. It is perceived that the 'physio exercises didn't work' and people then tend to either get even weaker and become worse or re-injure themselves by jumping back into fitness and sport too early.

Unfortunately a lot of people do not have access to effective rehab or it's not in a format that is easily accessible to them. Let's face it, the days of exercise drawn on bits of paper are gone, and the new age of video and media for rehab is here. was born out of this need for video content to help patients continue their rehab exercises at home and the gym, and to follow a set and clear program week to week to stay on track. We started with our clinic patients, trialling and testing every exercise and then built up the rehab programs that covered different bodies and types of injuries. Our real patients now feature in these videos and programs, helping us get quality exercises and rehab programming education out to the public and the world. I am passionate about injury rehab and education and endeavour to provide as much content to you as I possible can!" is owned and operated by Physio Fitness Australia Pty Limited, ABN 71127957037, a registered proprietary limited company in New South Wales, Australia. Got a question or want to give feedback? Contact Us

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