CS | Occiput Release - TP Ball


This exercise helps to release the muscles that sit at the base of the skull and attach to the upper neck that when tight will compress the small nerves that supply the head and face and will cause a headache. It is a very effective way of loosening these muscles up and alleviating a headache.



The can be done lying, or standing against a wall. Place the ball on a yoga block or book at the base of the skull to the side of the spine (to the side of the midline) on the soft tissue. Slowly and gently roll the head side to side, or nod up and down to wiggle the ball into the tissue, and explore which areas feel tight or sore. Work into those areas unti you start to feel an ease up in pressure or a relief of the headache.

Special Notes
You must ensure that the point you place the ball on does NOT cause an INCREASE in your headache. It should alleviate it. Also, be mindful not to roll the ball onto the spine along the midline.