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Program Overview

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Rotator cuff weakness
Chronic shoulder strength loss
Scapula winging + poor posture
Shoulder instability
Irregular shoulder blade control

This 12 week program has been designed for rehabilitation of the shoulder joint, shoulder blade and rotator cuff. The exercises have been carefully selected to help improve scapula control and stability, rotator cuff muscle strength and shoulder (gleno-humeral) strength and stability. It also helps improve scapulo-humeral rhythm and co-ordination of the ball in the socket, which is essential for correcting shoulder movement problems associated with impingement, scapula winging and postural weakness.

The program is ideal for people with weakness and under-development in the rotator cuff muscles, postural problems due to poor scapula stability and weak scapula muscles (such as serratus anterior and lower traps). It also helps chronic loss of strength issues developed from de-conditioning, previous injuries, muscle imbalances and poor postural habits.


Many people are unaware of how much weakness and postural problems can affect their shoulders in their lives, as well as be a major cause of injury and re-injury to the shoulder. It is so important that you don't just work on general shoulder strength (especially as you get older), but specifically improve and maintain the 'postural' muscle system that gives you scapula stability, shoulder joint stability, and rotatory strength and control. Through the pushing, pulling and rotation movements of the shoulder, the ball must be kept stable in the shoulder socket, and the shoulder blade (scapula) needs to be stable and in the right position throughout the movements of the arm and ball of the joint. Put simply, it's like when a crane needs to lift a weight out wide - it must have all the sections working perfectly and the stability base arms out in order to lift and not topple over.

Shoulder injuries can occur if the shoulder blade does not move correctly and in synchro with the arm, and then there is load and repetition. Similar to lifting weights in the gym, throwing a ball in sport, or trimming the hedges in the garden. Doing the right rehab exercises, and progressing those exercise in the right way is the secret to improving your shoulder strength, not just working on the 'visible' or aesthetic muscles. Shoulder rehab is not just about how much weight you can lift, but how well your shoulder joint moves and can be stable under load.

This 12 week intensive program helps you improve all aspects of shoulder control, strength and movement with clinically proven, tried and tested exercises, along with the highest quality expert advice and education. You will be shown all the exercises that are needed, with detailed instructions and videos of the exercises to help you keep motivated and on track through your rehab.

Program Stages

Stage One: Weeks 1-2
Stage Two: Weeks 3-4
Stage Three: Weeks 5-6
Stage Four: Weeks 7-8
Stage Five: Weeks 9-10
Stage Six: Weeks 11-12


To enter this program you must:

Be pain-free or have minimal pain and/or symptoms that are not constant in your shoulder or shoulder blade;

Consult your Physiotherapist and/or Physician if you have constant shoulder or shoulder blade region pain, inflammation or an injury that is undiagnosed, as well as clearance to start this program, and;

Have no pain referral into the arm, no pins and needles (parathesiae) in the arm(s), and no numbness (anaesthesiae) in the arm(s).


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