L1 | Pelvic Floor and TA (supine)


To learn how to find neutral spine and correctly switch on the muscles of your deep core. This helps with pelvic floor activation, transverse abdominus activation, correct preparation for abdominal bracing (or 'stiffening') postural awareness and the strength and stability of your lower back.



Place you knees and feet parallel and feet slightly apart with your shoulder blades flat on the ground and your neck "long" with your chin slightly tucked in. Place your 2 fingers 2 inches inside and down from your pelvic bones. Find neutral spine by arching and then flattening your back and then stop halfway between these two positions. As you breathe out, gently draw your pelvic floor IN and UP (the same action as trying to stop yourself from passing urine) and feel how the abdominal muscles under your fingers gently tighten. Don't tighten so much that your abdominals start to bulge out. As you breathe in again relax the pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal muscles will relax. Remember your deep abdominal contraction should only be 30% of your 100% activation - your deep core is a stability muscle so needs to work at low levels all day!

Special Notes
*REMEMBER - do not let the tummy dome and don't draw the belly button down or let the tummy cave inwards.* Aim for 2 sets of 20 Breaths turning your pelvic floor and TA on and off to 30%. Then do the 3rd and 4th set of 20 Breaths, holding the pelvic floor and TA on continuosly and breathing with your lower rib cage.

Once you have mastered the pelvic floor exercise you can then trying 'stiffening' or bracing the abdominals with a quick breath out to activate the external obliques. See the 'correct core bracing' video to learn more.