SS | Chest / Pecs - Foam Roller


This is a great exercise for those who are stiff through the front of their chest, shoulders or are stiff in their upper back. Or anyone that works at a desk all day. Keeping the spine straight with the roller allows gravity to open up the chest, stretching the pectorals/ biceps and anterior deltoids, as well as external rotation ROM, shoulder joint capsule and rotator cuff mobility and flexibility.



Lie on your foam roller on the ground lengthways, so it supports the length of your spine including your head and pelvis. Let shoulder blades retract (fall backwards) over the roller and move arms out to the sides, aiming to start in a 'W' position, so your elbows are bent and your hands are at the same horizontal level as your shoulders. Try and keep the back of the wrists and thumbs on the floor without let your back arch up off the roller or your chin poke forward. Try and keep your neck relaxed, don't let your shoulders creep up towards your ears. Hold the position for 5-10 mins

Special Notes
Progression: Raise you arms out further, keeping your arm bent so they are 90 deg at the elbow, without your hands coming off the floor.