Physio Rehab | Exercise + Video Library Subscription


Both the entire Exercise and Video Libraries can be accessed without purchasing a program. You can either choose a recurring subscription (from as little as $9 per month) or make a one-time payment for lifetime access.

Our subscription options give you access to view all the exercises and videos across the site with a "+" symbol. These options are recurring subscriptions which you can cancel at anytime. All subscriptions give you full access to over 500 detailed and progressive mobility and rehab exercises, which include over 500 instruction videos and 300 rehab and mobility education videos.

The Lifetime access option is a one-time payment and you will never be billed again or have to subscribe again.

Note: If you wish to also view program content, you will need to purchase a specific program or pack.
All 12 month access program purchases also give you entire Exercise and Video Library access for 12 months, so you don't need to subscribe to the exercise and video libraries if you currently have access to a purchased program.



 Recurring Subscription
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6 Monthly

 Recurring Subscription
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 Save over 27% than monthly!



 Recurring Subscription
 Cancel Anytime
 Save over 45% than monthly!


Lifetime Access

 One-time payment